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Our ideas can help make transformation a reality

Take advantage of the major trends underlying the new playing field.

Strategy Considerations

  • Further integration of sustainability in business and portfolio planning


  • Alignment on risks, opportunities, and material issues


  • Enhanced board, committee, and management oversight


  • Continuous dialogue on reporting and disclosure levels and frameworks

Climate Implications

  • Greater attention on environmental matters, carbon, and emissions


  • Broader supply chain, ecosystem, and end-use considerations


  • Implications for technology adaption and corporate development 


  • Imperative for management practice innovation

Stakeholder Expectations

  • Emerging customer preferences, demands, and requirements


  • Rise in responsible investing and  sustainable financing  


  • Necessity for learning, inclusion, and employee engagement


  • Growing role of rating agencies and regulatory bodies

Brand Implications

  • Importance of commitments, targets, and  performance verification


  • Trend to promote impact and societal benefits


  • Leadership involvement in purpose and business profile


  • New marketing and messaging possibilities

The world has turned sustainability centric, and the stakes are significant. Thinking, moving, and messaging are the challenges we face in this emerging field.

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Thinking Forward

  • Clear aspirations and strategy

  • Insight into current practices

  • Board and management alignment

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 7.45_edited.png

Moving Forward

  • Sustainability management capacity

  • Differentiated market presence

  • Supply chain compliance

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Messaging Forward

  • Effective disclosure and ESG ratings

  • Positive public and investor profile

  • Engaged and committed staff

Our Point of View

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